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League info

This is a 9 week league that starts November 7th. It will be 9 holes each week that can be played at any point during the week. It is all handicapped based scoring. 1st place will win a family membership to the Faribault Golf Club. During each of your 9 holes TrackMan will keep a record of your closest to the pin and longest drive. At the end of the winter league prizes will be given to those 1st place winners too.


$250 for 9 weeks

What is an indoor tournament?

An indoor tournament is just like an outdoor tournament. Same rules apply. You compete against other players and appear on a live leaderboard. You can play in tournaments with a guest profile, but you will need a TrackMan profile to appear on the tournament leaderboard. If you do not have a TrackMan profile yet, you can create one in the simulator, or visit

How does the scoring work in Order of Merit tournaments?

Points are awarded based on the order if which you finish in each tournament round. The winner of the round gets most points for the Order of Merit leaderboard, second place receives second most points, and so on. The number of points distributed to the winner and all other players is determined by the number of participants.

How to sign up

Call Jacob at 5076020460



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